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A Heartfelt Chat with JD Walker

Senor Rio - KD Walker

JD Walker has led a very exciting life…going from stuntman to BASE jumper he knows what it means to give everything you have for the things you love to do.  So…what is BASE jumping? Well it basically means that you are someone who jumps off buildings, antennas, structures, and earth (cliffs).

Over snifters of Señor Rio Tequila, JD talks with Debbie about his near death experience as a BASE jumper and what it cost his closest friend Jonathan. JD created The Jonathan Project as a way to show his dedication to their decade long friendship that ultimately separated them because of a tragedy in 1993.

Listen in as JD sings the song he wrote for Jonathan and talks about the inspiration behind the music. This is truly a great story about a man with a lot of heart and a friendship that will never be forgotten.


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